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Ancrage Consulting LLC

Ancrage Consulting combines high-level strategic
business thinking with grass-roots implementation. We help business owners and non-profit leaders make more money, reduce risk, and achieve life goals with reduced personal investment. 


Bottom-line business impact is optimized through a balanced focus on collaborative strategy development and the systematic management of follow-through actions.

President Brian Landis brings 40 years of industry and consulting experience to Ancrage Consulting. Through Brian's wealth of experience and knowledge, he has served countless clients in building their businesses and exploring new strategies.

Our Services

Our Core Service Offerings respond to the needs of many mid-market organizations

Our Services

Business Strategy

Specific methodologies for short-term, long-term planning as well as critical decision-points focused on guiding a company or non-profit organization toward prosperity and accomplishment of mission

Operational Excellence
& Supply Chain

Abraham Lincoln said, “Whatever you are…be a good one”.  Effective achievement of a company’s mission is critical to their success.  Ancrage Consulting can help you accomplish this goal.


People are an organization’s most valuable resource.  Ancrage Consulting helps you to maximize the effectiveness of people, whether individually, at a team level, or across the organization as a whole.

Project Management
& Implementation

The leadership of projects are critical to their success.  Ancrage Consulting has 27 years of experience in leading projects from local initiatives to global change programs involving hundreds of resources.

Succession Planning

Ancrage Consulting believes that a successful generational transition involves a plan created for the good of the owners, the family (if one is involved), and the business.

business consulting
scaled for the
Indiana market and their budgets”

Business with Brian

Brian Bio.jpg

Brian Landis brings more than 40 years of industry and consulting experience to his current role as President of Ancrage Consulting LLC. Prior to starting Ancrage Consulting, Landis helped found the Butler Business Consulting Group and led client service delivery for 13 years.


From its inception in August 2006, the Consulting Group engaged its nine professional project managers in 180 projects with more than 100 companies in 21 industries. Over 30 faculty members and 190 student analysts have participated on project teams to deliver more than 24 consulting offerings in this, the only business consulting firm in the United States runs out of a College of Business.


“The people of Ancrage Consulting have added enormous value at the strategic and operating levels and they did so at the speed of business. On our behalf, they brought to bear a remarkable portfolio of talent and expertise.”

Mark Miles

President and CEO, Central Indiana Corporate Partnership

Our Clients

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