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Business Strategy

Companies who continue to work without a plan are like a sailing ship without a rudder that goes wherever the wind takes it. An organization can work hard at doing all of the right things, but if their strategy isn’t sound, the forces around them could create disruption or even failure (think of Blockbuster in the face of Netflix). Business Strategy is a combination of what the world is doing to your company and what your company can do for the world. It is a three-dimensional chess game where your moves have to be good enough to outclass those of your competition. 


This is where Ancrage Consulting can help. We have specific methodologies that focus on short-term (annual) planning, long-term (3-5 year strategic) planning, and support for making critical strategic decisions (e.g. whether or not to enter a new market, whether to purchase a company of close a division). Our three-stage approach will help you to analyze your current competitive situation, choose among a series of strategic alternatives for the path forward, and formulate a clear but profound strategic plan that supplies an inspirational vision and a set of quantitative objectives so that you can measure progress in achieving the vision. We have a special set of methods geared to non-profit organizations that balances sustainability with the achievement of the mission. Our bias in strategic planning is to keep the organization focused at a truly strategic (not tactical) level and to look at the impact of strategic decisions on the company’s financials with an eye to helping the owners generate wealth. In a non-profit organization, this translates to accomplishing the maximum good in the world consistent with their mission.

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