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Project Management and Implementation

For some companies, leading projects is common to what they do. For others, while the company regularly executes day-to-day activities, project-based initiatives are somewhat of a foreign animal. When a project involves a major investment (such as implementation of new technology), lack of success can put the company at risk. In such cases, Ancrage Consulting can help lower the risk by managing the project


We understand the process of change and can help an organization successfully transition through this uncomfortable climate.  We understand the pitfalls of implementing new technology and can help align the vendors and their system implementation focus with the goals of the business for the project. 


Ancrage Consulting has specific methodologies for implementation of a strategic plan to ensure that it doesn’t become a “book on a shelf”. We can also help drive multi-year continuous improvement programs designed to improve competitiveness in industry and improve bottom-line results. Our project managers are adept at managing in global settings and regular work on projects with resources on multiple continents. We understand cultural differences across companies and across countries and work to achieve success on the project in a spirit of harmony and goodwill for all resources involved.

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