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Organizational Excellence and Supply Chain

Once a company’s strategy is set, generating wealth involves being a good operator. There are examples all across the world of companies who are legendary operators – Toyota for mechanical reliability, Disney for customer service, and Lego for product design. Ancrage Consulting believes that adding money to your bottom line can be accomplished by unlocking the untapped value in your business processes. Through our business process assessment toolset, we can help you identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement. We can then apply an approach carefully chosen from a handful of continuous improvement methodologies including business process design, six sigma/lean and innovation/design thinking depending on the particular challenge identified. Supply Chain is a key focus area within Operations Excellence. 


Ancrage Consulting has helped companies with reducing inventory, improving purchased cost, optimizing distribution strategy, improving service productivity, and gaining manufacturing efficiency. In most cases, these cost savings are real and sizable to the organization’s profitability. Our bias is on measuring performance using a balanced scorecard mentality such that the organization can determine where they land against relevant benchmarks. Once the important gaps are defined, we can help you with an approach for identifying improvement opportunities and closing the gaps.

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